Justin “Jah’kota” Holness Owner/Founder of TR1BE Music has received #1 on the Indigenous Music Countdown as well as receiving a nomination for best rap hip hop album of the year for the Indigenous Music Awards 2019! He achieved this without management or a talent agency. With his experience he is passionate about sharing it with the next generations so they can learn how to navigate the music industry, overcome challenges, amplify their voice and share their stories!






TR1BE Music started off as a studio program to nurture the gifts and talent of young people who aspire to be an artist and help them break into the music industry. It has now evolved to be the first Afro-Indigenous Owned, Profit-Sharing, Music Streaming Platform to build Indigenomics and innovate the music industry to help increase the market value for artists! 



When you subscribe to any of our Music Streaming Options you will gain access to our entire music catalog.

 In conjunction with our streaming platform we operate a free studio program for Indigenous artists. This subscription helps us fund the program. Not only are you streaming music, helping us pay artists more but you are also helping to make a difference in the community.

We are Afro-Indigenous owned and operated. Subscribing to TR1BE Music you are helping us create a form of Indigenomics that gets invested into the BIPOC community.


Your investment matters! As much as we value the artist the subscriber is just as important to us! 


When you subscribe to any of our Music Streaming Options you will gain access to our entire music catalog.

Making a living as an artist has its challenges and financial resources to sustain your career is hard to come by. Our subscription platform is a way we can support artists and invest into BIPOC talent directly. 

The main objective of this platform is for fans and audiences to subscribe to an artist. This is where our profit sharing platform has the most value. Each artist will receive a profit share from each subscriber as a way to support them directly. 

Resources to learn how to navigate the industry is not as tangible as it could be. This is our way of providing support both financially and fundamentally. Our goal is to help bridge the gap between emerging talent and the mainstream Industry.


“It's working great! I left it playing in the background while I was working on some writing”. 

—  TR1BE Music Subscriber