We are passionate about creating opportunity to bridge the gap between mainstream and emerging talent. We want to see more Indigenous artists and content in the mainstream arts industry whether its music, art, fashion, or performing arts.  Our goal is to help strive to help Indigenous artists and entrepreneurs achieve commercial success!


We are passionate about providing opportunity for new, emerging and established talent with access to resources helping them break into mainstream markets. We believe mentorship is a key element in order to achieve success. Our INDIGENIUS INDUSTRY ARTS FESTIVAL provides workshops, mentorship, and resources to help artists develop their skills and grow their network. Our annual event is a public showcase where the next generation of influencers are born! 


Our music workshops and showcase help develop talent and provide them with the tools and resources to navigate the music industry. We teach 7 skills that we know work to help artists build a foundation, grow their audiences, and learn how to make a living doing what they love. 


Our Music Streaming platform helps Indigenous artists from around the world share their music and increase their financial resources to help invest into their careers. For every subscriber you are not only investing into Indigenous music but you are also contributing to helping us build a community where we nurture talent and create safe spaces for young people to heal, rebalance, and achieve success. 


We want to see Indigenous fashion by Indigenous designers in mainstream retailers throughout Turtle Island. We bring together the innovators, pioneers, and trailblazers from the fashion industry to share their expertise on how to break into mainstream markets. Our Fashion Show is one of a kind and provides real world experience to help not only the designers but also models to grow their careers and potentially become the next top model. We work along side MIM (Models International Management) to help us provide the resources and opportunity to for the models to become established in the modelling Industry.